Underground is opening Irene Morgan Schools, micro-schools that are both different and better. Our schools are specifically designed to meet the needs and highlight the talents of children and young people that have been incarcerated.

We can't transform the juvenile justice system over night. But we can build schools specifically designed to meet the needs and highlight the strengths of children and young people who have been incarcerated. We're building two small schools, and more schools each year after 2020 for children and young people who we've turned our back on as a society and have locked in cages. 

We aren't just building alternative schools, we're building schools that treat children and young people better, that undo the harm mass incarceration has caused and that provide a model for how to educate all children and young people. 

We are planning with our students and their family to build cases for impact litigation because throwing children and young people into cages is morally corrupt and ineffective to help them make better and different choices. 

We need your help to do it. 

We've been told this work is impossible. But listen - if Harriet Tubman can leave enslavement and go back 19 times to rescue other enslaved African, then surely, surely, we can raise enough money to launch our schools and our innovative legal strategy. 

Here's how you can help us get to million:

1. Donate (early and often :))
2. Ask your friends to donate. You can even ask us for a dinner party toolkit to host your friends and educate them about mass incarceration and how they can fight it. Email
3. Tell your friends who have money and who have good politics around race and reparations and put them in contact with us. Again email adrienne@blackkidsgetfree.
4. Volunteer to help us fundraise. 

Join us in the opportunity to get children and young people free from the system of mass incarceration 

So much love, 

The Underground Team 

$2,868 RAISED

$50,000 GOAL

158 28 6%
Days Left Believers Funded
Campaign ends 08/31/2019 at 08:45 PM (EDT)